Our Vision

A political landscape where money no longer influences gun laws and policy.


IL Citizens Ignited was founded by fired-up and fed up women in the Illinois 6th Congressional district. We are professionals.  We are business owners.  We are mothers. We worry our children will be victims of random gun violence. We became  activists.  We know we are not alone.  There are people throughout Illinois of every background that share the same beliefs, vision, and mission of IL Citizens Ignited.


Our Mission

To inform Illinois voters on elected officials’ and candidates’ record on gun control, and the support they receive from the gun lobby.

There has been an average of one school shooting per week in 2018.  Event after event, "thoughts and prayers" are offered by lawmakers, who continually take no action to pass common sense gun laws, especially at the federal level.   During the 2016 election cycle, the National Rifle Association (NRA) was the top-spending dark money organization, shelling out more than $35 million to influence the election through independent advertisements and communications with its members. (Curlin, 2018).

Opensecrets.org calculates that the NRA has spent over $9 Million in the 2018 federal election cycle, as of October 26 reporting.  Elected officials who get support from organizations like the NRA put these organizations’ priorities over those of their constituents and the safety of our schools and children. In July 2018, the Washington Post reported that Russian money was funneled through the NRA in order to influence the 2016 Presidential election. 

The time for action is now. The only way to ensure that those elected to represent us actually represent us is to elect people that do not take money from the gun lobby, thereby removing the conflict of interest in passing sensible gun legislation.  We must rally around candidates that refuse gun money and dark money, and put a spotlight on those that take it.  A well-informed electorate on the issue and candidates is key to making the changes in our elected officials that will result in changes to gun, mental health, and school security laws that are studied and assessed by appropriate professionals.  


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